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Emibet offers high-quality professional home health care with a two-fold objective. Firstly, caring for and improving the quality of life of dependent or elderly people, people with mobility problems or who have underdone surgery. People who require personalised nursing services but who have difficulty travelling to a health centre.

In addition, Emibet helps pharmaceutical laboratories and research centres to conduct clinical trials for the development of new medical treatments, a process which requires the voluntary participation of patients or healthy people. The Emibet team of nurses performs the professional controls required in all clinical studies in the home of the volunteer. In this way, participation is much easier and more comfortable for the patient and results can be obtained in a shorter time.

Home nursing services

EMIBET EMIBET offers a comprehensive professional home nursing service to help care for people with mobility problems or who simply prefer to be treated at home. [...]

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Home follow-up for clinical trials

EMIBET is the first company to offer home nursing services for clinical trials in Spain. [...]

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