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About us

Meet Emibet team


EMIBET is formed by a team of registered nurses with broad experience in the health sector. The company was created by two nursing professionals specialised in clinical research at the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, a leading international institution.

They studied together at Ramon Llull University and, after nine years work experience in the sector, and having obtained Masters degrees in clinical investigation and surgical treatment and postgraduate diplomas in Cardiology, Pulmonology and Oncology, their enterprising spirit led them to create EMIBET. The first home nursing service of its kind in Spain, providing clinical trial follow-up for pharmaceutical companies, CROs, investigators, hospitals, etc. And all kinds of treatment for individuals, mutual societies, clinics, etc. High-quality, professional health care at home.

Noemí Bellido

Elisabet de Mingo

Jordi Juanola