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Home follow-up for clinical trials

Home follow-up for clinical trials

EMIBET is the first company to offer home nursing services for clinical trials in Spain. We aim to improve the effectiveness of these trials, which are essential for achieving better medical solutions to protect public health. The advantages of professional home care:

  • No need to travel
  • Increase in patient participation
  • Less burden on the family
  • Fewer dropouts from the trials
  • Faster data collection.
  • More attractive service for the patient


Services we offer

  • Scheduling visits according to protocol
  • Physical examination (vital signs, weight, height)
  • Extraction, processing and shipment of biological samples (urine, blood)
  • Additional testing (ECG, Holter, spirometry, etc.)
  • Conducting questionnaires and interviews
  • Recording concomitant medication
  • Dispensing and controlling the study medication
  • Use of the IVR system
  • Telephone follow-up
  • Recording adverse events
  • Resupply of material if necessary
  • Communication with the Sponsor and Investigator
  • Presentations in investigator meetings
  • Resolution of discrepancies


This service, which is unique in Spain but has been provided in many other countries for years, is very useful for pharmaceutical companies, investigators, scientific societies, Contract Research Organizations (CROs), etc.

EMIBET carries out home controls in the whole of Spain for phase II, III and IV studies, and observational studies, provides telephone follow-up and completes questionnaires. Always in compliance with the strictest standards of Good Clinical Practice.


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